Change change and more change

May 16, 2008

Change is inevitable.  As Patty Loveless sings, “Life’s about changing, nothing ever stays the same.”  Once you become okay with that notion, it’s easier to accept that you must adapt in whatever ways are important to you.

I recently watched a video on the Internet that was thought provoking in terms of the pace of change in the future.  I think it illustrates that we will be well served to be aware of change because it’s happening…whether we want it to or not.  The only thing we really don’t know is how fast the changes will become a part of our lives.

The video can be seen here: Shift Happens.

As we prepare to plan a library for our future, we are well aware that many of our past groundrules have changed.  We will be focused on making this library flexible and adaptable for the future, as well as mindful of the history and beauty that we want to preserve and carry forward into our community’s future.

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