Many thanks are due

August 7, 2008

For two full days recently, a group of people worked on planning the library of Fort Atkinson’s future.  Included in the process were: the library’s architectural team, library space planner, city council members, city staff, library board members, library friends, and staff members.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who participated.  Your input was invaluable.

We talked about all things library building related, including whether we would be able to incorporate new library services into the building.  For example, we talked about self service checkout and RFID (radio frequency identification) for materials handling.  These are two ways to increase efficiency while maximizing the staff’s ability to provide service. 

We analyzed every single separate collection and ascertained a specific amount of growth for each one.  The collections will not all grow at the same pace.  For example, large print is slated to grow as the population ages and the reference collection is actually being decreased due to the changes in the electronic world.

We talked about optimum size of meeting rooms for the most efficient use of space given current community needs.  We discussed (in great detail) staff work flow and building accessibility.  Planning logical adjacencies was given a high priority as was including after hours accessibility to meeting rooms. 

For those who like the nuts and bolts, we examined nuts and bolts issues such as the existing structure, new building codes and zoning requirements, sprinkling and alarm systems, and green building concepts. 

We worked hard.  I need a nap just thinking about it! 

At this point, we are awaiting the report from the architect which will take the program as it was outlined during the two day workshop and turn it into the conceptual design with associated costs.

I will post information about the report after it has been reviewed by the library board and staff.

Stay tuned for that!

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