It’s on the tree. At the library AND at home.

December 10, 2008

It’s Christmas time in the city. And the country. Actually, wherever you are. Does that mean I can take a moment for a (very self-serving) commercial break? I hope so because I need to share with you the exciting news about the libray’s new place in Fort’s history book.

Fort Atkinson’s Chamber of Commerce retail division produces and features a new collectible ornament every year. It’s always a beautiful keepsake of a locally historic place. We are very proud to have the library be the 2008 star! The ornament is available for purchase from a variety of local retailers at the price of $15 with a $50 purchase or $25 by itself.

You can view it in person on the library’s Christmas tree. It hangs with pride on my tree at home as well. I would encourage you to buy one and hang it at your house.  It’s a lovely ornament.

Just in case you can’t get to the library right now (and I’d love to invite you to my home, but I’m usually at work) 😉 …here is the ornament: library-ornament1

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