You *might* be smarter than a 5th grader…

February 3, 2010
But then again, 5th graders  are pretty smart! 
Hmmmm, Mary who?

And so are the Fort Atkinson high school students who put together a fantastic fundraiser for our library’s expansion and renovation project.  Linda Straub’s class organized an event based on the theme from the television show Are you smarter than a fifth grader.  The administrators from a variety of schools in Fort Atkinson battled each other and a group of fifth graders during an evening filled with many laughs.  (There is nothing quite like watching an educated educator overanalyze a second grade question.)

The night was expertly emceed by high school principal, Jeff Zaspel, with witty remarks and obvious rapport.  All the contestants did a superb job of having fun, showing off their smarts, and helping our library raise money to make the building project a reality. I’ll admit to knowing some of the answers, but not all.  I do have to say I knew the answer to the Mary Mary Quite Contrary question.  I am, after all, a former children’s librarian.  It was all I could do not to shout out “pretty maids” in my desire to help out the team that was brave enough to wear cheerleaders’  jackets.

Many thanks to Mrs. Straub’s students, Mrs. Straub, and all the principals and students who participated.  To everyone who had a hand in making this event such a success, I offer a very sincere thank you.

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