Putting the pieces back together

August 29, 2010

Jason from Masonry Restoration at work rebuilding a pillar

I’ve learned a great deal throughout this project including what “terra cotta” means.    And the word “corbel” (which I only knew as a brand of brandy before…albeit with a different spelling!)  And the way the “v” in the word “pvblic” was commonplace during a few years in architectural history.  I also now know that moving the pillars from the old entry to the new entry is painstaking word.  I’ve seen how much care the crew from Masonry Restoration has taken with the terra cotta.  *Thank you* to them for their expert efforts to preserve our important library history. 

Piece by piece they took it down, labeled it, removed it, stored it, and put it back together. The work is almost completed now.  I can’t tell you what a delight it was to see it today.  (Click on the photo to get a closer look).  

Almost finished!



  1. It IS a delight to see this all taking place. Proud to be in the neighborhood, watching it grow back together. The building looks like it’s going to be HUGE!! Can’t wait to see the finished masterpiece!!

    • Hi Margaret,

      I’m especially grateful to you and all the library’s neighbors for your patience during this time of disruption. I know it isn’t easy with the street blockages and the noise. Thank you for putting up with it! It is now hard to tell where the old library stopped and the new one starts…a sure sign that we are making great progress in the “putting back together” phase. I’m a lot more comfortable with the rebuilding than I was with the debuilding, that’s for sure!

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