Making the grade

October 11, 2010

The contractors have been working outside for some time.  The roof and stucco systems as well as the utilities installations are nearly complete.  Grading and sidewalk work have begun in earnest.  Ever mindful of the approaching winter season, the schedule is very tight related to outside matters.  Actually, the schedule is very tight overall.  And that’s a good thing because it allows us to stay on our timeline.  (More about our projected move back date…which is fast approaching…in a future post.)

This first photo is of the grading work in front.  The grading work is important because East Milwaukee Avenue is considerably higher than South Third Street.  We took advantage of that and moved our front door toward South Third Street.  That allowed us to have a grade level entry which we ranked as essential for accessibility.   At this point, we’ve come to the part of the project where they must make sure all the grades are exactly as they should be for both the sidewalk at the street and for the frost protection on the building.  Additionally, because South Third Street is fairly steep on the east edge of our property and then drops rather quickly, we had to carefully consider runoff and drainage issues as well.   Many thanks to Rudy Bushcott, Greg Greenhalgh, Tom Kopps, Tom Kramp, Greg Misfeldt, John Ottow, Brian Tracy, and Jeff Woods.  As we sorted through the site issues, their insight was invaluable.

Here is the scaffolding for the stucco system work.  I must say, when they are working in an area, they really work in an area!

And, finally, a photo of the new south end of our building nearing completion of the exterior.  This is a great view of the completed synthetic stucco, the tile roof elements, and the trim.  (Click on the photo and the picture will enlarge.)  The grading is still a work in progress, but don’t look at that.  Look at how beautiful our library will be!

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