Smile and the world smiles with you…or at least the library staff does

March 11, 2011

Syd and Marguerite Boyer (Photo courtesy of Ryan Whisner of the Daily Jefferson County Union)

I was looking through the photos from our donor sneak preview event and thought this was a perfect one to share.  Two of my favorite people are here, posing outside the study room named after them.   Look at their smiles!   They are smiling because they are happy about the library expansion.   They are smiling because they are pleased they were able to contribute funds to help our project in a significant way.  They are smiling because they have a study room named in their honor.  They are smiling because that’s what they do.  They have come in to our library, year after year, and spread sunshine beyond measure to our staff.  Many times they even bring chocolate along with their smiles.

I can’t tell you how important those smiles have been, particularly over the last year which has been exhausting in so many ways for our library staff.

The appreciation on the part of the Boyers and all the others who come in and say “thank you” or “this library is very special” or “we are so lucky” is an unbelievable source of inspiration.  And, quite frankly, much needed right now.

Syd and Marguerite have shown us how to live, with laughter and generosity, with appreciation and interest, with chocolate and smiles.   How lucky we are to know them!


  1. “Syd and Marguerite have shown us how to live…”

    — That is the truth! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! And congratulations and thank you to this special library that has brought my grandparents so much joy! It’s a delight to hear of each step in this exciting time for the library. And I’m only a little jealous of the baked goods Grandma makes for the staff. 🙂

    – from Michele in CA

    • Michele,

      Thank you for sharing your grandparents with us! We do feel so lucky and blessed to know Syd and Marguerite. Please visit the library next time you are in Fort Atkinson. I’d love to meet you and show you around.


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