Magical entry to children’s library

October 25, 2011

As a part of our library project, we had envisioned a very distinct entrance to our Batterman Children’s Library.  We wanted it to be crystal clear where the circulation area ended and the children’s space began.  Our goal was to draw people in and convey, with art, exactly where young people would find a space created just for them.  (After all, many of them can’t read just yet so a sign isn’t necessarily the most effective tool.)Our art committee recently solicited proposals from artists and had seven extremely high quality submissions.    In the end, the committee selected local artist Jorn Mork who submitted a proposal that called for her collaboration with craftsman, Bill Bale, of Sandhill Designs.

The piece calls for some animals made from wood cutouts as well as wood panels with layered oil painting.   Working together, Jorn and Bill are creating that magical entryway we had envisioned.

Here are a couple of photos to give you a glimpse of what’s coming…very soon.

Artist Jorn Mork shows progress on her library panels for children’s entry

Ann Engelman with Bill Bale’s wood cutouts for Jorn Mork’s children’s entry

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