What’s been done

June 3, 2008

Library Expansion Project Timeline

Spring 2001 – Library community survey completed (1,000 area residents surveyed)

December 2001/January 2002 – Library Board members and staff visit new or expanded library buildings (Janesville, Sun Prairie, Schaumberg, Gurnee)

Winter/Spring 2002 – Board and staff complete work sessions for Space Needs Assessment

April 1, 2002 – Board adopts final Space Needs Assessment which documents serious building, workflow and service shortcomings (Completed by planner George Lawson)

June 2002 – Architect selection process for Space Feasibility Study/Alternatives Assessment

August 2002Uilhlein Wilson Architects selected to do space feasibility study/alternatives assessment

October 2002 – Team comprised of library board members, library staff, and architectural firm’s staff visit new or expanded library buildings (Sussex, Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee, Waterford)

November 2002 – Community focus groups held for Space Feasibility Study

November 2002 – 3 day space planning workshop for feasibility study (conducted by Uihlein Wilson architectural staff with direction by George Lawson)

April 2003 – Letter to Friedens Church to request conversation about purchasing parsonage property

February 2004 – Letter to Friedens to request conversation about purchasing parsonage property

March – October 2004 – Conversations with Friedens Church

April 2004 – City secures Right of First Refusal on South Third Street property

October 2004Friedens Church informs Library that it is not interested in selling the parsonage property

May 2005 – Community Listening Sessions

Spring/Summer 2005 – Board and staff work sessions for building program

August 2005 – Library receives commitment of a gift of $30,000 to help purchase South Third Street property

September 2005 – Board adopts Library Building Program; City exercises option for right of first refusal on South Third Street property and makes an offer to purchase property; Offer to purchase is accepted by property owner and a closing date is set for January 2006

July 2006 – Library Board members and staff tour public libraries in New Berlin and Pewaukee

October 2006 – Letter to Friedens, Fort Atkinson Community Foundation gives approval to use library funds invested with the Foundation for property purchase

December 2005 – City examines South Third Street Property

January 2006 – City closes on South Third Street Property (private funds were used)

February 2006 – Library demolishes house on South Third Street Property (private funds were used)

2007 – Library board examines alternate possible location

January 2008 – Library Board decides to remain at current location based on detailed analysis of alternative options

April 2008 – Library interviews architects for library expansion project

May 2008 – Library makes decision to hire Uihlein Wilson Architects

Future Dates:

  • Summer 2008 – Program Verification Workshops to determine design/program
  • Fall 2008 – Begin fundraising.
  • Fall 2009 – Complete fundraising. Complete technical specifications.
  • Spring 2010 Begin construction process in January


  1. Connie,
    My brother sent me a PP file of photos of unusual buildings; I was intrigued with the Kansas City Building, and searched for references about it, saw your name at one site, read your blog, and ended up back in Fort Atkinson and the history and plans for our library expansion – it’s so exciting. I can’t wait!

  2. Barb,

    Yes, isn’t the Kansas City building incredible? Thanks for stopping back here and saying “hi”! We’ll keep posting our progress so stay tuned for more. ~Connie

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