More changes are coming

July 31, 2013

After more than two years in our expanded and renovated library building, we are in the process of making some changes to the locations of some collections and services.  I have always believed that you need to spend some time in a space to know whether or not the design and flow offer you the most effective use of your building.

During the time since our project has been completed, we have paid attention to how the building is actually being used and listened carefully to what our library customers have told us.  For example, we know that for some people, the fact that all of our large print books were on the second floor made accessibility difficult.

Now that we have two years under our belt, we are making a number of changes.  They are outlined below.

We will be making the area that was designated for young adults a “coffee shop” type oCoffee cupf space for all ages and will move the new large print books into that room.   That means that *all* new books will now be on the first floor.  We’re happy to offer our seniors better accessibility to a collection that is important to them.

The teen computers will be moved to our technology center area where we will have better ability to provide technical support since staff is already up in that area.  The young adult collection will move to the second floor area adjacent to the technology center where the books will be very accessible to our teens.  Also, we hope that by making this change, adults will discover a whole new collection of great reading material!

All the youth AV materials will move downstairs into the children’s department.  We’ve had many folks tell us they don’t like having to travel from the youth department to the upstairs just to find a DVD to borrow.   So those materials will be moving downstairs, allowing parents to keep their children in the area designed especially for them.

We hope to have the changes complete within the next several weeks because the changes don’t require any construction, just lots of book carts and strong backs.  (And we haven’t forgotten how to move books!)   If you come in and a collection is in the process of being moved, we apologize for the disruption.  We’ll be happy to help you find whatever it is you are looking for.  Please just ask a staff member!

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