Last call for the wall

September 12, 2010

There are obvious signs this building project is marching toward completion.   For one thing, the terra cotta has been reinstalled.  For another, the windows are in.   We are now talking furniture and landscaping and bike racks.

And having detailed discussions about the design and layout of the donor wall.

I know there may be people who are thinking they want to donate to the library’s Foster Growth capital campaign but will do so…later.   I can relate;  that procrastination thing happens to me a lot.  Therefore I wanted to be sure to let folks know that we are in the beginning stage of creating our donor wall.  We have set a November 15th deadline for having a name listed on the wall.  Mind you we will never not accept a donation.  (And donations are still needed and appreciated no matter when they happen.)   But there will be a time when it will be too late for a name to be incorporated into the library’s beautiful donor recognition piece.  All gifts of $500 or more will be named on our capital campaign donor wall.  

It’s easy to donate.  Simply click here (select the library fund) and pay by credit card!   Or mail us a check.  Or stop by and fill out a pledge card.   We’re flexible.  (But our deadline’s not.)

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